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Bride and Grooom in a slant pose in a tropical wedding
bridal wedding dress and wedding bridal shoes in a bed pose
Bride and groom in a close up pose in a wedding, start of their marriage
wedding pose with a scooter as props by wedding bride and groom
bride and groom jumping as they got  good wedding prices

Full Wedding Coverage for only $900

Why choose Roland Video and Photo Services:

  • Professional Photographers
  • 10 year experience
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Reasonable cost
  • Flexible to your needs
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Roland photographers and Videographers can create wonderful solutions to any situations.

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Somebody is on the other end of the line when you call us and will immediately attend to your concerns.

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Our studio in Weymouth and Rhode Island is open for you to discuss your wedding, the most important day in your life.

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We always have backup photographers and Videographers ready to cover your wedding in case of contingencies.

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We are always on time or even ahead of time to cover your wedding.

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24x7 Unmatched Support

Roland and Vivian are always ready to answer your call.

4 hour Photo
  • DVD of Pictures
  • Internet Album
  • Copyright Release
  • (2) 11x8 prints
  • Free Engagement Shoot
  • Free Consultation
8 Hour Photo
$900 Coverage
  • DVD of Pictures
  • Internet Album
  • Copyright release
  • (2) 8x11 Pictures
  • Free Engagement Shoot
  • Free Consultation
  • Cover Bride's Prep
4 Hour Video
$650 2 cameras
  • 1 hour edited DVD
  • Titles
  • Background Music
  • Custom Covers
8 hour Video
$1,0002 cameras
  • 1.5 hour final video
  • Titles
  • Background Music
  • Custom covers
  • Cover Bride's Prep

We specialize in capturing precious moments in weddings.

Your are welcome to visit our studio to discuss your wedding. (617)480-5010. Thank you.

Choosing the Right Photographer written by roland

One important aspect to consider in choosing a photographer is a good chemistry between the bridal party and the photographer. It is helpful if the photographer is has some sense of humor so everything becomes so enjoyable. These are the unwritten things that cannot be quantified as people have different personalities. The photographer should be nice and at the same time knows what he is doing. You don't want a photographer who is always shouting in order to take his shots or tells your guests to sit, stand up, sit for the shots. See if your photographer says "Thank you." This may be common sense but these little things are important.

Visit your photographer's studio to view his completed works. By visiting the studio, youi will have a better sense of the vendor as you can view the equipment, the set up, his completed works. Make sure that he has a lot of past work as that would equate to experience.

As to equipment, your photographer must preferably have a "Full Frame Camera" as they have bigger sensors. That, in my opinion, is the most important thing that's makes a camera a professional camera. Full Frame cameras are naturally more expensive than the prosumer cameras that you can buy in Walmart or BJ's. In fact, you can only get professional full frame cameras in specialized photography stores like Adorama, Abe's of Maine, Keh, or directly to Canon or Nikon itself. Surprizingly, Amazon does carry them too. Price range for the latest full frame cameras are from $7,000 to $8,000.


Bride's Pose Guide written by roland

wedding pose at the bed by the bride

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As a general rule of thumb, your body or face, or even your eyes should not look stiff. That means it should be in a slightly diagonal fashion. A stiff pose would be like an army person standing at "attention". This is an extreme example of what not to do; Pose like a log. As a quick good pose move: for your head, slightly tilt it to the left or right. For your eyes, without moving your head, look at something object beside you; with a friendly expression of course. For the body, put the weight of your body on one leg. If the weight of your body is distributed evenly on both legs, you will be like in "Attention" position, which you have to avoid.

Here are some standard poses during wedding day

The Whole Wedding Entourage Pose

1) The whole wedding entourage plus the guests. When the newly marrieds are coming out of the church or ceremony, wedding photographer stops them at the entrance and make a big crowd.of the entourage and the guests. Prepare your super wide angle lens as this shot is hard to have as everybody goes on their own way after this.

read more.....

General Sequence of Events in a Wedding by roland

Usually, the bride wakes up and go directly to the hair salon. It is advisable to have a definite appointment with the hair dresser. Then the bride goes back to the house or hotel where she waould prepare for the event. This is usully the place where the make-up lady is. The Wedding photographer arrives around this time. The photographer usually arrives at the bride's preparation place around 2 hours be the ceremony starts. The photographer takes pictures of the bride before she wears her wedding dress, the bride with her dress laid of the bed, pictures of the bride in front of a mirror, the bride putting make-up.

The next stage is the ceremony. As photographers, we take pictures of the father helping the bride go out of the limousine. We take pictures of the walk of the bridal entourage on the aisle. After the wedding ceremony, the next stage is the formal photo shoot. We go to a nice place prefearably with a body of water or a place with a gazebo. But any nice location is fine. It is also preferable that the formal photoshoot location is "on the way" to the reception location. A formal photo shoot takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

The last stage is the wedding reception. While the photographer is taking the formal photo shoot, there is a cocktail hour at the reception venue for the guests. Formal photo shoots can also be done at the reception venue. Then, the DJ assembles the bridal party. The DJ makes sure that the list of the names he will call coincides with the line up of people that will come out. Once the bridal party is in, the next stage is the First Dance. Read more ....

Great Wedding Ideas from the weddings we covered

Bridal bouquet. All fresh red rose.

rose weddingbouquet photo

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This was from a wedding that was held at the Canoe Ballroom at West Bridgewater. For more great wedding ideas...

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